Mississippi Trial Reflection

A theme in Mississippi Trial was how some people overreact on the smallest of things. In the book, Emmett Till was kidnapped and murdered for whistling at a white woman. This is a problem because all he did was whistle. I can see if they wanted to confront him about it and tell him what he did was wrong and inappropriate and even if they beat him it would make sense for that time period. What they did was way over the top for something so small. He didn’t know much better because he was from the north and he was only 14 years old. What he thought was just screwing around and being playful and how they took it were two totally different things. Crowe added this in the book to show that you shouldn’t have to overreact to things that aren’t that serious. If someone does something you don’t like, confront them and tell them about it. Don’t make something small turn into something big and violent just for little reasons.


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